Google to Encourage Its Users for Using Pop-Up Based Two-Factor Authentication

Almost everyone has come across the popular two-factor authentication which is used by many websites and platforms to keep its user’s information safe and secure.

Traditionally this type of authentication is done by verifying a user’s identity using SMS and email. But now Google is upcoming with a new and better way of getting things done.

While using the SMS and email service to verify a user can be convenient, there are always some security risks associated with the SMS option. Google is trying to overcome this by inviting people to use its SMS 2-SV service to use a different login method.

This service is named Google Prompt, was launched last year. It used a simple pop-up push notification system which will notify users of login attempts to their accounts. This system only requires a user to select yes: from the screen.

As per Google, “Overall, this is being done because SMS text message verification and one-time codes are more susceptible to phishing attempts by attackers.By relying on account authentication instead of SMS, administrators can be sure that their mobile policies will be enforced on the device and authentication is happening through an encrypted connection.”

Although this system appears to be more safe and secure than the traditional ways and is way faster, it required data to complete the process so it would not be a good option in cases where the user is unable to establish an internet connection.



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