Google Duo Added to Dialer and Message App on Pixel and Android One Devices

To roll out an update with integrated video calling (through Duo or ViLTE) to other devices, Google is presently working with its device partners and carrier. The new integration by Google is rolling out in its first-generation Android Pixel, Nexus devices and Android One via Phone, Contacts and Android message app. Besides, this latest update support is still a work in progress for the Google Pixel 2 smartphones.

This is a refreshing change for the users as they will get to see newer services that are being added into the existing Google apps. Google Duo is a video/audio calling service by the company that works across many platforms and is directly linked with the user’s phone number. The main feature of this application by Google is its improved performance in the case of disruption in the internet connections.

Even after this great feature, Google Duo has not got much of recognition and attention of the people. But with Google integrating it into the Android ecosystem, the Duo may get attention of the people that it deserves. With this latest integration, the user will be able to see the Duo calls in the phone’s dialer history along with the phone call log. Besides this, the company is also going to add a button that will enable the user to easily dial a Duo call from the dialer application.

The other integration by Google is the deeper Duo feature in its SMS app, Contacts App and Android messages app. The Android messages integration is something that is certainly new for all users. The Duo shortcut will be available in the Android Messages version 2.6 that will enable the user to message someone else who also has the Duo app.

With these new changes being made by Google in the Duo app, it is expected that the user will get a better user-interface and experience of Google Duo.

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