Google ‘Business Search Results’ Might Soon Get ‘Question and Answer’ Feature

User reviews and their feedback on Google’s “local panels” are very helpful and important whenever you are trying to look for a new restaurant, hotel, shop or any other such business.

These reviews help us in saving both our money and time and mostly correct and honest as they come from customers just like us.

Google has decided to add another very helpful feature to this list by adding a new question and answer box which would show up in different kinds of business listings.

Using this feature, users will be free to ask a question or query related to the business which could then be answered by any other user or by the company itself.

It is assumed that the feature is currently in the testing phase as whenever a user tries to post a question by tapping on the question box, the functionality breaks and nothing happens. But soon it is expected to be available for all the users and work absolutely fine.

People have assumed the new feature to be quite similar to Amazon's method of allowing questions and answers on its product listings, allowing users to control what questions go up and leaving users (or the businesses, presumably) to answer those questions and it is indeed somewhat similar.

In any case, a user-powered Q&A section would be very beneficial and informative about any business or place.

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