Get 100% Cashback on Airtel’s Rs 349 Recharge Using Airtel Payments Bank

To counter Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel has now come up with a cashback offer. As per the new offer, the company is offering a 100% cashback on its recharge pack of Rs 348 and Rs 349. But this cashback will not be provided to the customers with a single recharge. Airtel says that is cashback offer is a Diwali offer for its customers, but the company did not say anything about the offer expiry date.

In order to avail the cashback, the customer will have to recharge using the Airtel Payments Bank. The cashback can later be used elsewhere. The customer can recharge at any Airtel Payments Bank outlet across the country. But make sure that you recharge with Rs 348 or with Rs 349 as this Diwali offer only works with these two recharges.

This offer is somewhat similar to the Reliance Jio Diwali Dhan Dhana Dhan offer in which the Jio customers also received a 100% cashback on the recharge of Rs 399 and above. But the only difference is that Jio offered the cashback in the form of vouchers which the customer can avail in future recharges whereas Airtel is offering Rs 50 cashback that can be used for any purpose.

The Airtel cashback offer differs based on the choice of each person. Like for instance, a person recharging with Rs 348 or Rs 349 plan then he will get a 100% cashback while another person may get the same offer on some other Airtel Plans. This cashback offer by Airtel is valid on some other recharge plans as well like Rs 399, Rs 548, Rs 549. Besides, the cashback amount also differs. A cashback of Rs 75 will be given to the customers recharging first time with either Rs 348 or Rs 349 while from the second recharge, the cashback received will be just Rs 40. Now time will decide who would be ahead in the race, Bharti Airtel or Reliance Jio.

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