Flyme 6 Build No. Released for Meizu M5, M5S & M5 Note

Flyme 6 build no. will now be available for the Meizu M5, M5S and M5 Note handsets. Until now, Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Pro 6, Pro 6s, Pro 5, MX6, Meizu E, and M3 Max were a few devices running this update. However, Meizu now plans to introduce the update to three more devices as well.

This will be the first time when a public beta version is available for these devices. Moreover, the update arrives as a ZIP file and before downloading, it is advisable to back-up your data.

Another recommendation will be to use a stable Wi-fi connection while updating to Flyme 6 beta. The update brings many new features, apart from fixing bugs and improving performance of the system.

Firstly, let us look at areas that have been improved and bugs that have been removed. To start with, the system’s power consumption and the system’s stability is now fixed. Moreover, Users were complaining about sudden quit from Meizu account and the crashing of the apps when dragging them for un-installation, is now working fine. Besides this, there was a failure to go back to the Home screen by touching the Home button after opening a folder. And killing of the apps present in the background mode when not using, will not be an issue from now on.

In the gallery, failure to lock photos in private mode will not be an issue from now on. And, the delay of several minutes while opening emails is now under control. Additionally, there is an expansion in the APN support to Spain and other countries.

Now looking at the things that have been added. First of all, an online verification is set up before any system update for better reliability. Also, there is an addition of a recycle bin. Improvement in compatibility with third party apps will be seen. Besides, a refinement in system translations is also done.

On the WLAN front, users will now be able to open WLAN from the shortcut in the notification bar

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