Facebook’s New ‘Hello Feature’ Might Increase Accidental Stalking

Facebook has almost changed the landscape of human communications. With the launch of the website in 2004, it has completely evolved the way people use the internet. A large chunk of social media is thus dominated by Facebook. This is largely due to the fact that Facebook keeps on updating itself with new and unique features. This time around the latest feature to be added to Facebook is the ‘Hello’ feature.

Facebook’s ‘Hello’ Feature Details:

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This ‘Hello’ feature will remind you of poke feature that Facebook had earlier launched for its users. But this is a completely different feature. There are chances that you might not have noticed it yet as it only started a few days ago and the fact that it is still in testing phase.

For new users to try this feature all you have to do visit a friend’s profile, you’ll notice a waving hand icon, captioned Hello, which will be near the top of the page. When you will click it won’t a new page or something they’ll just receive a notification saying you’ve waved to them.

Although there is a catch in this, this new feature button will also appear on the screen of people you are not friends with.

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There have been many complaints regarding this new feature as it is far too easy to accidentally tap, which can be embarrassing for many users. Also many have been complaining that they have been selecting hello instead of Add Friend, which apparently, is a strange move for new friends.

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