Facebook just crossed over 2 billion monthly users, 13 years after its birth

Facebook crossed 2 billion users in a week, 13 years after its birth

The number of users have just doubled in the past 5 years from 1 billion to 2 billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says, “Internet is good for democracy and we are bringing the people together”.

The good news comes in the midst of flak that Facebook received for handling fake news and disturbing live streamed videos. Zuckerberg also says, “Now we have to do more than just connecting people. We have to build a common ground to move forward together.”

Now, it is also the largest social network in terms of logged-in users at 2 billion. While other Facebook apps such as FB Messenger and Whatsapp have 1.2 billion users each. Instagram is behind at 700 million users.

The reason for enormous growth is the people in the developing nations attributing to its customer base. Furthermore, 746 million people have been added from Asian region.

Now FB’s responsibility is to bring the world closer as it inches towards 3 billion customer base.

 Stay tuned for further details.

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