Facebook Filling All Its Platforms With Ads in Hunt for Revenue: Reports

Mark Zuckerberg founded social networking giant, Facebook, which has reported a profit of $27 billion itself in Facebook ads in 2016, is now considering expanding the spread of advertisements in all its platforms to build more revenue.

The Facebook subsidiaries, such as, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp are now going to witness the advent of Facebook Ads, which was until now only entitled to the News Feed.

The addition of more ads in the News Feeds might only harm the experience of the users in return, the team is said to reckon.

Therefore, the online social media company has begun to pay video publishers to create TV shows for them besides selling and funding video projects that can host the mid-role video ads.

With over 2 billion Facebook users worldwide, and 731 million out of the remaining 1.5 billion disapproving the use of this social media (prevalent in China), the founders of this networking site have considered turning to its counter-parts so as to increase their funds and prosper.

ReCode, the technology news website, reports that Facebook is unable to put more ads in the news feeds of its users, since it is creating an ‘ad load’ in the news feed of these beneficiaries.

On Saturday, the report furnished the following information: “The industry term for this is ratio of ads to other content, called ‘ad load’, and Facebook says News Feed’s ad load is all maxed out hinting that its revenue growth might slow down ‘meaningfully’ this year due to this.”

It also stated that the team had recently been in Cannes to educate and advertise the ad buyers concerning Messenger ads.

The networking group has thereby started advertising in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Stories.

The Instagram app itself has over 700 million active users and has achieved a $ 2 billion target in 2016, which would rise to $ 22 billion by 2021, taking all things into consideration.

Facebook is hoping against hope that one of the measures taken in this regard shall turn out to be a big hit for them soon.

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