Facebook 360-Degree Live Streaming Now Supports 4K Videos

Facebook has announced some exciting updates today regarding its 360 degree live video streaming platform. This new upgrade might enhance the ease of accessing this platform both for its creators and viewers. Much to our zeal, the 360 degree live video streaming can now be viewed up to 4K resolution. This is expected to increase the use of this platform from either ends comprising of creators and viewers.

This 360 degree live video streaming that supports 4K resolution is however not yet supported on the Oculus Rift for the time being. However, the streams are already available in virtual reality. There is also a bit of information about non-profits or pages that are interested in supporting non-profits. Facebook is now giving an option that lets you add a “donate” button which is meant for raising money from viewers.

Facebook has been consistent in promoting its video streaming platform. The Company has been experimenting features on it in order to ensure that it becomes an appealing video platform for both its viewers and creators who are focusing on ad infinitum. The Company is also working on both hardware and software features to ensure that this popular social networking platform becomes a trusted destination for enhanced video formats.

These day to day minor upgrades might add up to make Facebook Live an interesting competitor to our traditional TV and perhaps even You Tube. Facebook is allowing a proper marketing platform and reaching towards the stage where it can be used as a distribution channel as well. There is information that Facebook might be working on launching its own original TV series. However, there is no confirmation regarding this from the Company and we aren’t yet aware how such new additions will get along with technologies like VR and 360 degree live video streaming platform.

Based on latest reports by trusted source, Facebook is announcing a new partnership program which certifies third party hardware and software products as “Live 360 Ready”. This program is going to list products that are believed to possess high quality streams. The initial list containing 10 cameras include the Garmin VIRB 360, three Insta360 models and a few others in addition to seven software suits.

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