Different Types of Microphone for YouTube

It’s not necessary to make us familiar with the microphone’s physical appearance. Because it’s hard to find out anyone in this modern electrical world who doesn’t know what is a mic all about, but in the technical term it’s a little bit complicated to explain people about how its work. But still in simple one sentence if we want to explain we can say that Microphone is an electrical power instrument that is used to convert sound wave to electrical energy. After that, voltage is amplified, transmitted, or recorded.

For a musician, this instrument is very impotent, and they just need to know how this device work and how this equipment varies from one type to another type. But as we said before its little bit complicated to understand. How this device works for general people, who don’t have any technical knowledge about this device. Now In this article, we are going to discuss the less complicated part, and it is the types of microphone.

Types of Microphone

There are different types of mic are available in the market. But all of them fall somehow in the bellow mention eight categories. Those categories are…

  • Dynamic microphone
  • Ribbon microphone
  • Carbon microphone
  • Piezoelectric microphone
  • Fiber optic microphone
  • Laser microphone
  • Liquid microphone
  • MEMS microphone

1)Dynamic Microphone

This type of Microphone works typically using the electromagnetic induction which is also familiar with the name “moving-coil microphone.” These kinds of mic are most common and relatively cheap. Most of the time this type of microphone used for an on-stage performance.

2)Ribbon Microphone

Ribbon microphones are similar to dynamic microphones because both of the mics produce sound using magnetic induction. Bu the main difference of dynamic microphone with ribbon microphone is that dynamic microphone one in only one site and ribbon microphone open on both side. This mic is most commonly used in a radio station.

3)Carbon Microphone

Once carbon microphone was widely used in the telephone. This type of mic has low-quality sound reproduction and a limited frequency response range. Carbon microphone mainly used as a type of amplifier, it can convert a small amount of sound energy to a more significant amount of electrical power.

4)Piezoelectric Microphone

The musicians mainly use this kind of mic.  Piezoelectric transducers are most commonly used to amplify sound from acoustic musical instruments. For example, to sense drum hits, for triggering electronic samples, and to record sound in unusual environments like underwater or under high pressure this microphone is used.

5)Fiber Optic Microphone

A fiber optic microphone can convert the acoustic waves into electrical signals. It’s ordinarily capable of sensing changes in light intensity, where the standard, ordinary mics have the sensing changes ability in capacitance or magnetic fields. It’s very tiny and lightweight and very easily portable.

6)Laser microphone

Laser microphones are often shown in movies as spy gadgets because this type of mic can catch the sound at a distance from the microphone equipment. This is one of the most expensive microphones and used by the national security intelligent.

7)Liquid Microphone

A liquid microphone is also known as water microphone or water transmitter. It is made based on Ohm’s law that current in a wire varies inversely with the resistance of the circuit.


The MEMS is mainly known as a silicon microphone. The full form of MEMS is “Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System.” This type of mic usually uses in portable devices, e.g., mobile phones, headsets, and laptops. This mic is most popular on YouTuber.

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Final Word

The technology is improving day, by day and new kind of microphones are invented every year by integrating the function of above mentions microphone. So hopefully shortly we shall get some other types of the mic too.

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