Delivery of Over 6 Million Units of Reliance Jiophone to Start From Sunday

Longing for ‘India ka smartphone’ to land at your doorstep?  Well, you don’t have to wait any more now.  The JioPhone would be shipped to your homes starting tomorrow.  Now, let your Sunday dawn with the 4G VoLTE supported smartphone in your palms.

What’s more, not only you, but more than 6 million people will be simultaneously endowed with this gift from the Reliance Jio.

The delivery of the JioPhone would begin from the small towns and rural areas of India.  This would help bridge the gap between the urban and rural folks, uniting them together with the Digital India motto.

Delivery of Over 6 Million Units of Reliance Jiophone to Start From SundayThe shipment would continue for further 15 days, extending to the urban locales as well.  Subsequently, the second phase of pre-ordering the JioPhone might kick start too.

So, if you gave it a miss in the first place.  No issues.  There is always a second chance.  Therefore, make use of this opportunity to experience the beauty of India’s very own smartphone at zero budget.

The JioPhone is expected to disrupt the current smartphone market with the shipments starting tomorrow.  Now, you can have all the features built-in inside your pocket-friendly smartphone.

The total cost of the JioPhone is Rs. 1500, which would be refunded after three years of use.  This means that the total cost of a new smartphone in town is zero.

Anyways, you might have transacted one-third of this amount (Rs. 500) while pre-booking the phone.  Now, at the time of the delivery make sure you hand out the remaining sum of Rs. 1000.

Delivery of Over 6 Million Units of Reliance Jiophone to Start From SundayDo note that you are eligible to make free voice calls with your JioPhone.  At Rs. 153, you can also bag unlimited data for a month.  It will be pre-loaded with everything for your entertainment.  Jio apps for messaging and leisure activities will ship along on board.  You can also enjoy live TV through your JioTV app by connecting it with your television sets at home.

The phase one pre-booking period just lasted two days.  It began on August 24 and abruptly closed down on August 26, after the limit had exceeded.  This time when the gates open, make sure you be the first on the line.  It never can be said when the entries shut.  Beat the clock faster this time.

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