China Might Impose a Complete Ban on WhatsApp in Its Territory: Reports

WhatsApp users in China have been experiencing a technical glitch while sending texts, images and videos to their pals via this Facebook-owned global messaging app.  According to sources from the New York Times, this fault in the app aroused by the Government’s stringent control over the net might provoke China to impose a complete ban on WhatsApp.

China’s system of internal filters and control, the Great Firewall, has previously been on the news too after disrupting many of the digital services prevalent in the country, WhatsApp being the most recent one.

The capital city, Beijing, had tightened its grip over the internet services after continuous flare up of political sensitive news, new cyber security law and other important events last month.

The Chinese citizens are seen to resort to the country’s local messaging service, WeChat, although, WhatsApp had allowed them to stay connected with the rest of the world.

It is solely the government’s decision whether to put up the ban or go down with it, the latter having a lesser probability though, since the other subsidiaries of Facebook including the parent company itself has been banned in the country.

If China votes to declare a complete ban on WhatsApp, it would assign this universal instant messaging app as one among the many in the list of banned sites in China.  Facebook met with its dissolution way back in 2009 after an ethnic unrest in Western China, and Instagram followed suit in 2014.

The founder and CEO of the flagship site, Mark Zuckerberg, had initiated an aggressive campaign in 2014 against the decision, offering friendship to the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, in a conference in the U.S., the efforts which later proved futile with the suspension of its subsequent apps under the Chinese censorship board.

With the WeChat boasting off 900 million users in the home-country, the chances of the globally acclaimed WhatsApp harbouring more than 1.2 billion active users, of standing tall before the ‘Great Firewall’ is still in hot waters.

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