Check LIC Policy status, LIC details, and LIC due date

LIC stands for Life Insurance Corporation of India.

It is one of the biggest insurance company in India.

A person who holds LIC Policy can easily check his/her policy status.

He can also keep track of the progress online.

Tracking Policy status is significant because it does helps a policy holder to know when his/her next premium will be due, loan status, revival quote etc.

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Requirements for Checking LIC Policy Status

The person holding a policy should be a registered policy holder with LIC’s e-Services.

If he/ she is not registered yet, he/she can also register your policy by following this step by step processes of How to Register LIC Policy. Given is the step for person who has already registered.



First of all, you need to visit LIC’s e-Service Portal. On homepage you will find two options (Registered User and New User) click on the Registered User.


Enter your user name and password. Both of which you have already received from LIC earlier. Use them to login into the portal as shown in the figure.


Once you are logged in to your registered LIC’s Services Account, you will find many options related to your account as shown in the figure below. Now all you need to do is click on Policy Status as shown in figure.


After clicking on the policy status you will find all of your policies which have been enrolled to your registered account. In case you have more than one policy and that is not in the list below, then you can easily add your remaining LIC policies using Enroll Policies option in the e-Services Tools section.


In this step, you can check your policy details by clicking on a policy number in the list as shown in the figure. You can see details of your current policy like table number, policy term, sum assured, next premium due date etc. as shown in the figure.

NOTE: You can also check other details of your policy and also the due date in the same. 

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