BSNL’s New Broadband Plan for Kerala Circle Offers 50 Mbps Speed at Rs 1895/Month

Residents of Kerala have a surprise in store for them. The surprise is set by our very own, State run telecom operator BSNL. The tech company has announced a new plan of Rs. 1895. The plan offers 50 Mbps download speed.

The plan comes with a Fair Usage Policy(FUP) of finite download of 100 GB. If the users consume the data limit, the speed is cut to 2 Mbps. This information was available on Additionally, the company will be offering a static IP address on customer’s request. It will be available for Rs. 1800 per year.

Moreover, BSNL’s two broadband plans in the Kerala circle are up for revision. The plans with the names ‘Fibro BBG ULD l045 CS48’ and ‘Fibro BBG ULD 1395 CS49’ were currently offering 20 Mbps download speed. But now, the BBG ULD l045 plan available for Rs 1045, offers 30 Mbps download speed and an FUP of 50 GB. Whereas, the higher BBG ULD 1395 plan (for Rs 1395) offers 40 Mbps download speed and a monthly FUP of 75 GB data per month. However, both the plans reduce the speed to 2 Mbps after FUP speed limit is used.

Besides this, BSNL is making changes in the prepaid mobile plans as well. Moreover, BSNL does not want to please residents of a particular area only. For the Bangalore residents, a plan offering 60 Mbps speed with a FUP of 100 GB is available for Rs. 1995.

However, possible targets behind this revision might be Bharti Airtel and Hathway. These companies have strong networks in the Kerala region and so to compete with their existing plans, BSNL is taking this initiative. For instance, Airtel is currently offering 40 Mbps download speed with a FUP of 130 GB for Rs. 1099.

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