Bharti Airtel in Discussion With Google for Deployment of WIFI Hotspots in India

Telecom operators right now are facing their biggest challenges. With the emergence of JIO, every company has to tilt their pricing towards cheaper side. And along with this there is always to be seen which company brings the latest or innovative product in the market.

Bharti Airtel – Google Discussion :

One such news related to this is that Bharti Airtel are recently in talks with Google for WiFi hotspot service in parts of India. As it fights to intensify competition and add more customers. These are all initial talks. We still are a long way from seeing where the Telecom market will go further !

Previously Airtel has inked with Facebook to bring 20,000 WiFi Hotspot stations in India. They believe that Google and Facebook can help the telecom operators in India overcome challenges related to software, as their existing software is not scalable. They are certainly taking away some cost of the software by already providing it to the telecoms.

Though Bharti Airtel is yet to comment on this matter, but the Bharti Airtel – Google discussion is going smoothly if officials are to be believed. In the other hand Google is also looking for partnership in India to expand their network. They have also held talks with Larsen and Turbo. Google already provide wi-fi in railway stations but they want to expand their reach further into the Indian market. They are seeing this as the huge potential for future.

With the competition reaching its epitome, companies will be needing all sorts of hell they can get. And surely Google is no small company and it may help Airtel reach at the top again by improving their customer base and providing them technology to work with.

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