Bezel-Less LG G7 With Dual-Cameras Leaks in Concept Designs

One of the best known 2017 flagship smartphones from LG was the LG G6 handset. And now, there is a recent concept design of the LG G7 released on a Youtube channel named as ‘Concept Creator’. Though the LG G7 is not going to be launched soon by the company, there is this new concept design which is not a leak of the phone but is purely based on imagination. So there are chances that this concept design will not exactly resemble the actual design of the LG G7.

In this video uploaded on Youtube, you will be able to see a dual camera set up on the rear side of the LG G7 device which looks pretty similar to the camera set up of LG G6. This concept phone design indicates that there will also be a fingerprint scanner in the rear side just below the camera set up. The G7 in the video sports an interesting back texture which looks like a glass panel that has been placed on its back, while the frame of the device is made of metal. The LG G7 concept shows that there will be a Type-C USB port in the bottom of the device, while the one will be able to see some bezel on the top and bottom, there are extremely thin bezels on the side of the handset.

The G7 concept shows that there is a 3.5mm audio jack which has been placed on the top side of the device while the device will come in silver, cyan and red color options. The lock/power key has been placed on the right hand side of the phone while the volume keys have been placed on the left hand side. There is no information on the specifications of the phone that the designer of the LG G7 concept video has shared but it is understandable as this is just a concept design and not any kind of leak.



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