Best NEWS Apps for Your Smartphone – Android and iOS

Every morning you start your day with a white paper on one of your hand and a cup of tea on your other enjoying the sweet and the ginger sips of the tea encrypted with the daily updates of the world you are looking for. No matter what is the thing going on in your surrounding you give a damn to it when you have a free trip to the world making you observe the cool and the nasty things happening across the globe. But today it has become a trend for these news agencies to have a revolve talk instead of focusing on the main points thus making the facts exaggerating and frustrating. Here is a list of the best news app for you.

So, let’s move on to the list.

  1. UC NEWS: – Among the best news app, it has been accelerating down its way to let you free from all your tensions and worries that you might be facing when going through the today’s underrated newspapers. The app with an awesome design to the subject wise description of the news in a much more fascinating manner is capable enough to drive you off from the seat. What you cannot do, when you have this awesome app in your pocket? You can dive into the world of politics watching the amazing and the serious fights between the political titans to the cheering and the shouting on the player turning the match around.

Download here UC News

  1. ESPN: – It is always full of fun, thrill, and excitement in watching our favorite player accelerating on its way with a clear aim of victory for the nation and throttling down the hurdles emerging on its way. But somehow if we have missed the winning moment, we can easily have an overview of that particular match by downloading this Prodigious app on your device. Whatever the sport it is, just scroll down your finger through it, have a tap on it and enjoy with a never-ending fun and thrilling experience.

Download here ESPN

  1. AWESUMMLY: – The name itself is enough to speak about its popularity and no words can define its Prodigy and the eye catchy features. The company reaching the heights of success in this short interval of time is far more than appreciable which completely highlights the hard chore and the firm determination of its members which turn out the possibilities of revolutionizing the world of news with its stirring features. The features are endless and provide a better interface with the users by allowing them to read the news offline and also the audio facility which allows the user to have a look at the short news anytime anywhere.

Download here News App

  1. CIRCA: – Though this app is new to the market, its features marked its long existence in this technical world. Instead of extracting the news from the Web, it has its dedicated members who create their own stories with the punchlines and the quotes. Their own way of creating the news becomes an eye catchy piece of thing for the user which insist them to have an overview of this app at least once in their life. The news makes us enjoy in a unique manner with bursting out all the important things in a short interval of time.

Download Circa

  1. ZITE: – What the most noticeable thing about this app is the design containing the enormous and the gorgeous photos inside it. Bumped with the relevant articles classified on the subjects making us free to pick on any of the news is here to ease down your way fighting against all the odds you are facing. The app has its own comment section where you can recommend the changes to be carried out in it.


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