Bank of India Balance Enquiry ViaMissed Call & Online Method

Now for your Bank of India balance enquiry, you will not have to visit your bank or ATM every time.

Your cell phone is enough to handle this job as the BOI has started missed call and online service for the convenience of their customers.

The customers can check their BOI account balance just by giving a missed call or visiting the official website of BOI.

Back in days’ passbook was the only source to check the account balance. As it was also a time-consuming process to queue up in the bank and wait for the turn to get the passbook updated at a regular interval of time.

But as the rise in technology Bank of India has launched their missed call service to help their customers regarding their Bank of India balance check process

Missed Call Number for Bank of India Balance Check Process

bank of india balance check

So, to check your BOI bank balance you can to give a missed call to this number below from your registered mobile number.

BOI Balance Enquiry Number: +91 9015135135 [UPDATED MARCH 2018]

Here you can use this number to get your balance details!!

But before start using this number I would prefer my readers to be known about these feature of this missed call service.

Features of the Bank of India Balance Enquiry by Missed Call Process

  • It is necessary for a mobile number to be registered with the bank from which customer is going to check the balance enquiry.
  • If the customer has multiple accounts with Bank of India and gives a missed call to the provides the number from his registered phone number, the message would update the customer about the balance of all those accounts he holds with BOI.
  • This service is free of cost for the customers. Neither they will get charged for the enquiry call, not for the text message they receive.

Bank of India Online Balance Enquiry

bank of india balance enquiry online

Do you work on the computer?

Then you can also check your BOI account balance online anytime rather you can do much more with that than just looking up at that number.

Apart from balance enquiry you can transfer money to other banks, pay your bills without the cheque, and much more. Here are the steps you can follow for your Bank of India balance enquiry online:

  1. Open your web browser and Go to the Bank of India Homepage at this given link
  2. Now, click on the Internet Banking then click on the RETAIL from the drop-down menu.
  3. This will redirect you to a very secure internet banking website of Bank of India. This service is named as star connect internet banking service.
  4. Enter your internet banking username and password given to you by the bank.
    Note: You have to enter your password through virtual keyboard on their screen.
  5. After that, you will be redirected to account summary page. On this page, you will be able to see all your accounts and respective balance in them.
  6. If you want to see your transactions click on the account menu, then select mini statement. Now, you can see your last 10 transactions
  7. You can also find other options available regarding this account.

We do hope you find the above steps simple, and they may guide you to check your BOI Bank Balance enquiry. If you have any further questions about BOI Balance Enquiry Missed call or online banking, then you can ask us in the comments box.

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