Android Oreo ROM (Unofficial) Now Available for Xiaomi Mi 3 & Mi 4 (Cancro)

August has been a spectacular month for the people in the smartphone business. From welcoming flagship smartphones to a new software update, we could not have asked for more. On the same lines, with the recent release of Android’s new version Android Oreo, Users and tech enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to get there hands on the new software update.

Consequently, various ROM builders have begun working on Android 8.0 Oreo to align the update with their devices. Google Inc has also supported them by releasing the AOSP Source code of the Android Oreo. Therefore, its time for the app developers to customize their ROMs suiting the new version. With many Android smartphones already announcing the update, Xiaomi did not want stay behind.

Giving the due credit to the XDA Senior Member vasishath, custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi4 is available, based on Android 8.0 Orea. This will bring the introduction of Android 8.0 to Mi3 and Mi4. In the past also, the developers have come up with unofficial builds of the OS for Xiaomi Mi 3 or Mi 4. Besides this, the builders have already released OmniROM, ported MultiROM, and CAF ROM for the two devices.

Moreover, if the earlier reports are to believe, screenshots showing the Android version in Mi 5S plus have already surfaced. And apparently, now the users of Mi3 and Mi4 can get the Android O experience on their phone.

And, not to forget that the builds are still undergoing revision. The latest reports suggest that the major aspects like the camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and sensors are working as expected.

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