Android Go may arrive in India after Diwali

Android Go is a new venture by google in the market of telecommunication. Earlier it has experimented with Android One but consequently it didn’t go well !

India is a budding market for all the new ventures in this field. The just announced Android Go platform is hence an all eye seeker for the common public of India.

The following mentioned are some of its special features :

  • It will be released in two versions one being Android Go
  • Meant to work in low cost phones
  • It is meant to work on low latency networks
  • It will be having Google and apps such as whatsapp, facebook etc which can run on low data and use less memory.

The main aim of Google in releasing it is to aim those people who have limited data connectivity and speak multiple languages. This makes India a potential option as here oin the blink of an eye 400 million feature phone users can be transferred to smartphones.

“Android Go could come to India around Diwali. It’s still very early days and conversations are yet to begin,” said a very senior executive working with this plan.

Lets just hope this does not let the expectations of common public down.


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