Airtel VoLTE Service Launched in Mumbai, Expected to Expand Pan India by March 2018

With the growing competition amongst all the major telecom operators and Reliance Jio stealing the show away, Airtel has made it clear that it does not lag behind with the launch of VoLTE Service in Mumbai which is expected to reach the other parts of the country soon enough tentatively by March 2018. Bharti Airtel is the second operator after Reliance Jio to have started this service seeing the kind of benefit and customer base received by Reliance Jio after introducing the same in the country.

More about Airtel VoLTE

Airtel VoLTE works over 4G and offers its customers with voice calls in HD quality with a much faster call set up time. Though the voice calls on VoLTE network require data pack, no additional cost is likely to be incurred for these VoLTE calls. In fact, these calls will be billed in accordance with the existing plan and its benefits as stated. The company will, however, keep using 2G and 3G network in areas where the 4G VoLTE services cannot be used.

The Managing Director and CEO of Airtel India, Mr. Gopal Vittal has stated that trials of VoLTE have already been conducted in 5-6 cities. This is likely to make Airtel as the second VoLTE compliant network in India following closely with Reliance Jio.

Another advantage that is said to be provided is that the existing customers of Airtel who already have a 4G SIM will not have to change their SIM to use the service. News has it that an SMS will be sent to such customers with a web link which will direct them to a software update enabling them in using the VoLTE service.

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