Airtel Announces Numerous Voice and Data Plans From Rs. 5 to Rs 349

Since its arrival, Reliance Jio has been a tough match for its competitors.  Beating against the revenue and heeding to the wants of the customers, Airtel has put forth many new schemes.  So, if you own an Airtel prepaid connection, you have so many options to choose from.  The recharge packs fan out through and through your horizon.

The minimum you need to transact to get a new data pack is just Rs. 5/-.  Unbelievable, right?  But, Airtel has put across this plan with an aim to beat the likes of Jio.  The maximum you need to pay is Rs. 399, that holds out every need in store for you.

Let’s chart that plan now.  Here you go.

Airtel Announces Numerous Voice and Data Plans From Rs. 5 to Rs 349Beginning with the miniscule recharge formula, Rs. 5 will come as your immediate aid.  This is a one-time recharge.  Suppose you want to urgently look up something over the net and you are running out of data, this can help you up.  It serves you for only one week.  But makes sure to entitle you to work longer with 4GB of 3G or 4G data.  Another drawback here is that you can only bag it if you own a 4G sim.

While the Rs. 5 plan talks exclusively about data needs, Rs. 8 proposal boasts solely of the voice calls.  You can now reach out to your distant friends at 30 paisa per minute rate.  It would be valid for about 54 days.  Both local and STD calls are covered in this.

Another prepaid Airtel plan is the Rs. 15 pack.  With 27 days at hand, you will be charged 10 paisa per minute for your local voice calls.

Doubling this is the Rs. 30 scheme.  You can make unlimited calls under this proposal.  This would enable you for a talk-time worth Rs. 27/-.

Airtel top-up of Rs. 40 would land you up with a talk-time of Rs. 35 for unlimited days.  Equivalent to this, you will receive Rs. 58 talk-time balance if you opt for Rs. 60 pack.  On the same stand, Rs. 90 would give away a talk-time worth Rs. 88 to you.  All this comes with no expiry date.

Moving ahead to Rs. 198 agenda, you can grab unlimited voice call (local and STD) facility plus 1 GB 4G data for 28 days.  Here, you can also obtain 10 percent cashback if you open your Airtel payments back account.

Following right behind, Rs. 199 sets before you unlimited local calls benefit packed with 28-day valid 1 GB data usage (this includes 2G data).

Again, you can get hold of 10 percent cashback with your APB a/c using the Rs. 295 recharge pack.  Under the box, for 84 days you can stay connected with unlimited local and STD mobile calls.

However, three Airtel recharge packs could likely go head to head with Jio’s offers.  This comprises of the Rs. 149, Rs. 349, and Rs. 399 plans.

Rs. 149 Airtel vs Jio:

Under the Airtel 149 plan, you will get unlimited local and STD airtel-to-airtel voice calls.  This comes along with 4G data of 2GB for 28 days.  While the data pack remains same for your Jio connection too.  You could get an up on the voice calls, with no barriers between different networks.  That means, using your Jio sim, you can have unlimited voice calls with your Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Aircel friends.

Rs. 349 Airtel vs Jio:

Both Airtel and Jio present you with unlimited voice calls, covering local and STD areas, on this recharge pack.  The contrast lies in the data perks here.  With Airtel, you might get 28 GB 4G data for a period of 28 days.  But you can use only 1GB per day.  Jio sets no limits for you on the other side.  At the same cost, you can avail 20 GB 4G data for 56 days, without any FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit.

Rs. 399 Airtel vs Jio:

Much of a muchness with the Rs. 349 plan, the 399 recharge pack also aligns Airtel and Jio at par in the voice calls, whereas varies with the data benefit.  Unlimited free calls will be available to you through the 399-recharge for Airtel and Jio alike.  Nevertheless, Airtel again halts your data usage to 1 GB per day.  And, it offers you with 84 GB 4G data valid for 84 days.  The same price, same service, but Jio plays its trump card with barrier-less data usage.  You have no FUP bounds here.

Now, analyzing each reward carefully, it is time for you to act.  Make the most of your time with these Airtel recharge gifts.

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