How to add beneficiary in State Bank of Travancore(SBT) to transfer funds

Funds transfer – It can be considered a boon in today’s world for each and every banking customer.

It can include any of the following mentioned transfers:

-From your one account to your another account in the same bank

-From your account to someone else’s account in the same bank

-From your account to someone else’s account in any other bank.

The only requirement is INTERNET CONNECTION. To transfer money, you have to add and approve beneficiary one time.

Required details to add beneficiary :

  • Your name
  • Your password
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary account no.
  • Beneficiary address
  • Beneficiary IFSC code

The following steps should be followed in order to add beneficiary to transfer funds in State Bank of Travancore:

  1. Log on to or by using your Internet Banking ID and Password.

You can add either an ‘Intra-Bank Beneficiary‘ (with SBT/SBI Account) or an ‘Inter Bank Beneficiary‘ (With Other Bank Account)


  • Click on ‘Manage Beneficiary‘ in the ‘Profile‘ tab.
  • Login with your SBI/SBT profile password.
  • Click ‘Manage Intra-Bank Beneficiary
  • Enter Beneficiary SBI/SBT Account No and Transfer Limit.
  • Click submit.
  • Once the Intra-bank beneficiary is added successfully, you will get an SMS alert to your registered Mobile number.

Note that only one beneficiary can be added during a day. You can approve the beneficiary in the same session.

FOR AN INTER-BANK BENEFICIARY (Other account number):

  • Click on ‘Manage Beneficiary‘ link in the ‘Profile‘ tab
  • Login with your SBI/SBT profile password.
  • Click ‘Manage Inter-Bank Beneficiary‘.
  • Enter Beneficiary account number, other details,etc.
  • Select & enter ‘IFSC Code‘ option if you know the Beneficiary bank IFSC Code, otherwise select ‘Location‘ option and then select beneficiary Bank name, State, Branch etc
  • Select (Tick) Terms & Conditions & Submit.
  • You will get  SMS alert in your registered Mobile No.
  • You can approve beneficiary in the same session by clicking the ‘Approve Now’ button.

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