How to activate Internet banking in Axis Bank

Internet banking has become one of the necessities of today. Gone are the days when you need to stand in the queue for long hours waiting for your work to be done. Now you can easily and patiently transfer money, receive money or know the status of your account from anywhere with one click.
Axis bank took a step ahead with the modernizing world by associating them with the term called internet banking. And you can do all this from any of your devices like phones, tablets, computers etc. And this is what Axis bank brings you. The ease to do banking. It is one the largest private bank in India.
The step by step process to activate internet banking are as mentioned below.
2. Fill in your account details.
3. Read the instructions carefully in the documents before signing.
4. The form should be signed by the person who is holding the account.
5. Submit your form to any of the Axis Branch Offices.
6. You will receive the password on your given email ID.
7. Once you receive the password, log in to Axis bank.
8. Lastly register for Netsecure (2nd authentication)
9. Enter your mobile number that you have earlier registered.
10. Click on Submit. Your registration is completed.
Then you can access all your banking facilities at you fingertip. For that all you need to do is log in to axis bank
with you username and password.

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