Microsoft Collabs With Yes Bank to Deploy Its Office 365 and Kaizala Social App

Yes Bank, an Indian private sector bank has recently informed the media in an official statement on July 28, about its partnership with the American technology giant Microsoft to deploy its Office 365 and Microsoft Kaizala Social app on its platform.

This partnership to deploy two of Microsoft’s applications on its platform is a way of Yes Bank to improvise the technology with which its employees have been working for so long. This is expected to enhance the efficiency and productivity of work profiles.

Office 365 has been designed in a way to help the collaborations of its employees in a safe and more secure environment. This will also result in better communication with the customers and will improve the overall work experience for all.

Microsoft Kaizala is a social app. This application will provide a platform for the bank to connect their corporate headquarters and branch office executives with their field staff. This is believed to enhance better connectivity between the offices of this private sector bank and will help in better synchronisation. As Kaizala is a chat driven interface, this is expected to offer a good digital communication and a faster process to get in touch with officials and executives.

Based on latest information, Yes Bank seems to be in a process of adapting to Microsoft Kaizala’s features in relation to its chat bots, artificial intelligence and several other business processes.

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