50 SIM Cards Recovered from Alleged Reliance Jio User Data Leaker

As reported by trusted sources, the Maharashtra Police has arrested Imran Chippa, suspected in the case of Reliance Jio User Data Leaking that was reported recently, from his residential address at the Churu district of Rajasthan. He is a 35 year old dropout of Bachelor of Computer Science.

Reports added that Maharashtra Police has recovered 50 Reliance Jio SIM Cards from the house of Imran Chippa, in Rajasthan. Besides, Police has also taken a computer, mobile phone and other electronics devices from his resident into their jurisdiction.

Chippa had created the website Magicapk in order to provide Jio user data through it. The purpose behind his action is yet to be unveiled. Interrogations are going on in search of the facts.

Reliance Jio has however claimed that every customer’s personal data is under high security and this website had been ‘unverified’ and ‘unsubstantiated’. Once the police complaint was lodged with the Maharashtra Police in Mumbai, Chippa’s IP address was tracked and Police arrested him from his house and took him into custody the previous night. The website domain was immediately suspended after the customer data had started getting leaked.

Reliance Jio being the fastest Telecom Company so far to reach out to about 100 million customers in a short while, however still promises its users to maintain their data at high security.

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